Denominational Affairs

The primary responsibility of the Denominational Affairs Committee is to serve as a liaison between our congregation and both the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the UUA District, of which there are currently 16 in the United States. Melrose UU Church is a member of the New England Region, which includes our own Massachusetts Bay District (MBD), which serves 53 Eastern Massachusetts congregations, and four other districts across New England.

This year we have continued to educate members of the congregation, especially newcomers, to the work of both the UUA and the District/Region and how local congregations can utilize their resources and programs and, when appropriate, partner with them.

Each month we provide a “DENOMINATIONAL AFFAIRS CORNER” column on our website and in our newsletter, “The Lightbearer“, to highlight the activities and initiatives of the UUA and District/Region. We also disseminate information from the NE Region, UUA, UUA United Nations Office and other affiliates to keep our board, council and membership informed of what is occurring in the larger UU world.

While we in Melrose have a robust church community, think about how fortunate we are to have all the wonderful resources and history of our UUA.

Please enjoy the wealth at

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