Reflections From The Minister

  • Reflections: May 2017

    Reflections: May 2017

    —We are poised for exploration. We are equipped with curiosity. If we can hold that state of being as our defining state, I am convinced that indeed creativity will pierce through to the marvelous.
  • Reflections: April 2017

    Reflections: April 2017

    —How exciting it is for each of us, each time we do something that says “I’m in, I am a player!” ... We become new again, ... We are declaring, this is my place, these are my values, and my life will contribute and make a difference.
  • Reflections: March 2017

    Reflections: March 2017

    —How blessed we are that the opportunities to give and receive keep unfolding, here, in our beloved community and with the world outside. What a joy indeed! The spirit is moving, joy is bubbling, ... What a glorious time to be here, together!
  • Reflections: February 2017

    Reflections: February 2017

    —...Times of uncertainty and transition, are also incredibly rich opportunities to shape our future and make a difference, by speaking up, by listening compassionately, by casting vision and by signing on to be the change for which we dream.
  • Reflections: January 2017

    Reflections: January 2017

    —What are your dreams for your church? How might MUUC be the same or different in 2024? (the 50th anniversary of the merger of the Melrose Unitarian and Universalist churches) These are some of the questions we will be exploring in the up-coming congregation-wide house meetings. We need everyone’s input!
  • Reflections: December 2016

    Reflections: December 2016

    —As we move on toward Christmas we know we will light candles against the dark, as people have done through the millennia .... many of us are feeling the darkness closing in ..... There is wisdom in the darkness, in settling down into it, feeling it fully ....
  • Reflections: November 2016

    Reflections: November 2016

    —November! We begin in the throes of a most disturbing and polarizing election for the President of our country. We end by returning to our collective recollection of what is right with our country, and a focus on gratitude that can be healing and binding.
  • Reflections: October 2016

    Reflections: October 2016

    —“I wake each morning torn between the desire to improve the world and the desire to enjoy it. That makes it hard to plan the day.” E.B. White. I resonate with E. B. White’s dilemma. Sometimes...Where I part company with E. B. White, is in experiencing them as oppositional. As if they are mutually exclusive.…
  • Reflections: September 2016

    Reflections: September 2016

    —We are on the steep slope of the learning curve together ... There will be frustrations and disappointments, along with surprising delights and those aha’s that make us chuckle when we discover that what we have gained is even better than we’d hoped.
  • From The (Interim) Minister’s Desk – July 2016 (time to say Hello)

    From The (Interim) Minister’s Desk – July 2016 (time to say Hello)

    —Here we are, in the twilight moments, when the hues of what is ending linger on, and the dawn of what is coming has not fully poked its head into the day. The transitions we all successfully navigate daily do not seem like such a big deal. We can do this.