Religious Education

RE Prayer FlagsWelcome to the Melrose Unitarian Universalist Church School from the RE Committee!

Our Sunday School programming reflects our care and planning to develop multi-age Sunday morning classes that accomplish our goal of providing our children with a safe and accepting environment in which to explore spirituality that supports Unitarian Universalist values and their engagement in the wider world. Our nursery is staffed with our Nursery Caregiver and church volunteers every week.

Download the attached RE current-year registration. Take a moment to print and complete them so we can count you in as part of RE this year.

2016 2017 Returning REGISTRATION FORM

2016 2017 New Family REGISTRATION FORM

Our RE program is a cooperative one that relies on everyone’s involvement to work and thrive. Please take some time to look at the volunteer form and see what level of commitment you can give, whether as a classroom leader, a helper for special events, or the many other ways you can give time to the programming. Training, support, and resources will be provided for teachers, so please check out what’s being planned and let us know how you can be involved. New families are asked to wait a year before volunteering.

Thoughts from our Interim DRE, Rev. Anne Principe:

When was the first Selfie, you ask? lol! The term “selfie” arrived in our pop language around 2005. Yet there was a moment in 1968 when the ultimate “selfie” was taken. It was the Apollo 8 Mission to the Moon when something extraordinary happened. One of the astronauts casually turned the camera around and took a picture of the Earth. Check it out!

When we look back at ourselves with curiosity in this way, we learn so much. Interim work is like this. It’s a time we enjoy our congregational life as usual yet also dedicate ourselves to consider ideas adjustments, if not changes to improve the experience for all. In congregational life, which is based mostly on volunteer efforts, this is a tall order, yet an exciting one.

My work as an organizational religious professional and a spiritual community leader affords me a constant education on what I call, “the science of community.” What I have learned by taking the time – or being forced to take the time – to examine how groups and organizations function has taught me one important lesson. That is, my role as a leader depends on what participants invest in the experience. This has been a difficult lesson to learn at times because of the common assumption that a leader’s job is to Make Things Happen.

I love congregational work for the opportunity we have to learn and grow together from our unique position and perspective. This is the heart of our stretch towards diversity and open-mindedness.

In this interim time, we are turning the camera around and looking back on ourselves. Let’s continue to ask more and more questions, with genuine curiosity.

What do we see?

What are we hearing?

What do we love?

What would we like to enhance?

How is our church life and programming inclusive?

Are our expectations in line with our investment of time?

Who are we missing?

Where do we witness joy?

What do we dream of?

What are the children dreaming of?

How can we make a difference in our community?

On the journey with you,








To contact Anne, please send an email to dre@melroseuu,org.

Below are some photos of our children after their Worship Circle creating their own dyed prayer flags with help from adult volunteers. The final product – a beautiful string of colorful decorated prayer flags – is shown at the top of this page, as we proudly display our children’s creativity across the front of our church building.

RE Flags 006RE Flags 009RE Flags 031RE Flags 022














AND HERE ARE SOME OF OUR COMPLETED PRAYER FLAGS! The 6 flags are a pencil, love, air, a tree, hope, and life. The full string of prayer flags adorn the front of our church for all to see.

Prayer Flags 007