RE Learning Objectives

General Learning Objectives by group

As always, we want the preschoolers to become comfortable with rituals of sacred space in classroom with the expectation of being ready to listen to stories and to each other, to become familiar with basic respect for each other and themselves, and to learn to share in community and to become familiar with the basic values of Unitarian Universalism.

Our Pre-K through K class will hear stories and lessons related to our Unitarian Universalist history and liturgy and the Sources of UU, such as those women & men whose lives inspire us, including Jesus and other religious figures. They will further explore the Promises we make to each other as UU’s through stories from world religions, the Bible, and social justice issues. They will be encouraged to wonder about the connections between their own lives and the stories they hear by sharing their own ideas and feelings through verbal or artistic expression.

We want our 1st through 5th graders (in separate, age-appropriate classes) to have an understanding of Unitarian Universalist basics, including our Principles and Sources and the stories that go with them; to explore more fully the stories of women and men, especially UU’s, who have inspired us as humans; to hear stories and information about world religions in a deeper context; to learn about social justice and how we can help others; to participate in projects at the church; and to wonder about the connections between their own lives and the stories by sharing their own ideas and feelings through verbal or artistic expression. For the older children, we also recognize the transition of the children from the Spirit Play class to the Junior Youth group by collecting the written and artistic work they have done in class on Unitarian Universalism and presenting it to them in keepsake form through our Passages Portfolio. They will learn creation stories from science, the Bible, and our own UU stories which reflect both science and the Bible from a UU perspective. They will also be exploring spiritual practice, which will include yoga, prayer, painting with color, observing nature and other modes of spiritual experience.

We want our 6th through 8th graders to be able to articulate their beliefs and values and to make meaning for themselves; to connect their faith to all parts of their lives, including their sexuality through the OWL (Our Whole Lives) program (7th & 8th graders: offered every 2 years); to be able to model respect, inclusion, and tolerance in their community; and to participate in social justice projects to learn how to effect change. We have an expectation that youth will be able to see Unitarian Universalism in relationship to other religions by learning about other faiths.

Our Senior High Youth meet with advisors as a support for being Unitarian Universalists out in the world with components of leadership building, bonding, social action, and fun. We want our youth to begin taking their values out into the wider world. The service trip, which occurs every other year, helps them encounter unfamiliar people and situations where their faith can be challenged.