RE Parent Notes


2016-2017 “The Interconnected Web Of All Life”

This year’s theme is the “Interconnected Web of All Life.”

The younger classes will be adopting an environment and discussing who lives in that environment, and what they need, and will also creating creatures (out of felt) that live in that environment.

Preschool – Kindergarten – First Grade will have the environment of Water.

Second – Third Grade will have Trees.

Fourth – Fifth Grade will have Grasslands and Desert.

The Youth Program is being revitalized under the leadership of Amy Morrison. After the success of OWL last year, and the Heifer Farm trip and Bread of Life participation last year, we are creating a program on the Peace Garden with research and field trips leading to participating in the creation of a Peace Garden in our own front yard here at MUUC.

OWL continues to be an engaging program for 7th and 8th graders. In this program, human sexuality is discussed fully and honestly and from a spiritual perspective. This is offered every-other year, and will resume in the 2017-2018 church school year. 

Looking to Help?

The Senior Youth, Junior Youth, and Elementary children have a variety of activities and classes that you can volunteer for. It is suggested that newcomers wait a year before volunteering, to allow the parents opportunities to connect with other MUUC adults and feel at home here, before becoming involved in the R.E. program. It also allows your children to develop friendships of their own!

Please contact Anne Principe, our Director of Religious Education, via email at dre@melroseuu,org to volunteer and if you have any questions.