2022-09-26 Next Steps Update

This week, our Next Steps Process consultant, Liz Coit has started scheduling one-on-one and small group conversations on Zoom with a number of church leaders and committees. The objective of these 30 – 45 minutes confidential conversations is to give church members a chance to reflect on their MUUC
experiences, concerns, dreams, and general reflections. Consequently, they will be more about the person and their relationship with MUUC rather than about the person’s specific functions and volunteer activities at church, although some of the work they do will likely be touched on.

Liz plans to hold these and many more still-to-be scheduled conversations between October 1 and
October 20. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate. If you have not yet received
an invitation to participate in a specific conversation, please do not despair. It is going to take a week or
two to arrange dates and times with the various committee leaders and then have them share that
information with their committee members. We are also planning to offer several non-committee specific
conversations on Zoom and during the weekend of November 11th when Liz will be in Melrose with us.
More information about those will be forthcoming.

Please keep in mind that because some people are involved in more than one committee or church
group, you may receive invitations to participate in more than one conversation. You are not expected to
participate in all of them. Just choose the one that is most convenient for your schedule.

Thank you for your support of and participation in our Next Steps program. If you have questions or want to discuss it further, please feel free to contact Jenny W., Rev. Susanne, or Cathy S. directly at nextsteps_list@melroseuu.org.