2022-10-03 Next Steps Update

As of this week, more than 40 church leaders, staff and other members of the congregation have had or are scheduled to soon participate in a Next Steps Process conversation with our consultant, Liz Coit.

This includes representatives of most church committees and special groups: the Board, Council, Choir, Pledge Drive, Committee on Ministry, Nominating, Personnel, Finance, Trustees, Membership, Worship, Property, IT, RE, Green Sanctuary, Anti-Racism, and Immigration.

These conversations are focused on general reflections, observations, and stories about MUUC overall, plus some information on various engagements and work with the church/congregation. Our goal to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate who wishes to do so. Additional conversations between now and October 20 are yet to be scheduled, including a Zoom conversation open to anyone who has not already participated in one on Thursday, October 20 at 7pm.

Sign-up for this session is required, with a maximum of 10 participants included for the 30-45 minutes conversation, so that all attendees may fully participate. If you wish to participate in this Zoom conversation, please email nextsteps_list@melroseuu.org. A confirmation will be emailed to you including the Zoom link for the session.

Also, please mark your calendar for the weekend of November 11-13 when Liz will be with us to hold additional conversations with the church’s past presidents, with representatives of our Youth and High School students, and others. She will also share with everyone highlights of her analysis to date. More details to follow.

Thank you for your support of and participation in our Next Steps program. If you have questions or want to discuss it further, please feel free to contact Jenny W., Rev. Susanne, or Cathy S. directly at nextsteps_list@melroseuu.org.