Goals & Objectives


MUUC Goals & Objectives

In spring 2024, with input from the Board and Committee Council, seven initial goals for putting our mission into action were created. A number of objectives for furthering each goal were also crafted. These goals and objectives will serve as a framework for MUUC’s activities during the FY 2024-25 church year and will help us track our progress. But they are not set in stone. They may change over time as we discern whether they’re working for us or not.  

GOAL #1 – VISION & MISSION: MUUC will create an identity that communicates who we are and what we believe so we become recognized for it in the community.


  1. Develop a vision & mission (i.e., brand) that is welcoming to people of diverse backgrounds and interests.
  2. Project our Vision & Mission through MUUC’s many programs & activities.
  3. Communicate it consistently both internally and externally.
  4. Become a recognized partner in Melrose and surrounding communities as a leading, liberal, welcoming congregation.
  5. Become a magnet for caring, curious people searching for opportunities to live their values.


GOAL #2 – GOVERNANCE: MUUC will be governed through a structure that best supports the functions and programs the congregation desires to offer in alignment with its Vision and Mission.


  1. Review, revise or affirm, and communicate as needed a functional organizational structure.
  2. Align governance documents (bylaws, etc.) with the new Vision & Mission.
  3. Review, revise or affirm, and communicate as needed bylaws and policies & procedures for relevancy and contradictions.
  4. Clarify and communicate roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for leadership, staff, volunteers, and membership.
  5. Identify and communicate leadership development needs, priorities, and resources.
  6. Pursue information sharing partnerships with one or more UU congregations.


GOAL #3 – CONGREGATIONAL FELLOWSHIP: MUUC will offer programming to support the needs and interests of members of all ages and nurture individual, peer-to-peer, and community spiritual growth.


  1. Offer Fellowship & social events on a regular basis.
  2. Expand the RE program into a Life Span/Family Ministry model including Adult Enrichment.
  3. Think outside of Sunday morning for services and programs.
  4. Provide vibrant worship that serves a variety of beliefs, generational groups, and cultural backgrounds.
  5. Help promote peer-to-peer and community spiritual growth by insuring there is a Pastoral Care function. 
  6. Create a pastoral, care-giving and sharing culture that also includes, but is not limited to, covenanting, right relations, and conflict resolution.
  7. Communicate all these new programs widely and consistently, internally and, as appropriate, externally.


GOAL #4 – JUSTICE: MUUC will be a force for positive change through our various justice initiatives and partnerships.


  1. Coordinate, support, and communicate the various current and evolving justice efforts of the congregation.
  2. Be viewed throughout the community as the congregation that “shows up.”
  3. Actively partner with other organizations that share our values.
  4. Each year work directly with a minimum of two of our GBOW recipients to support them with our time and talent.
  5. Assist a minimum of two local organizations with using our facilities to further provide support in the community.


GOAL #5 – COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: MUUC will be known in Melrose and the surrounding communities as a valued partner and a place where people from all generations can participate in a wide variety of programs and activities.


  1. Welcome community members to participate with or without becoming a church member.
  2. Define for people who we are to see where we can build common ground.
  3. Build relationships with local governmental departments, churches, and non-profits in the community.
  4. Establish a staff function to lead the improvement of our marketing and publicity efforts, including development of a social media strategy, to reach a wider external audience.


GOAL #6 – GIVING & GENEROSITY: MUUC will prioritize current and future financial sustainability through well-managed finances and the lifelong generosity of members and friends.


  1. The Finance Committee will be the catalyst to draft and monitor MUUC’s annual operating budget to meet our staffing and program requirements with the resources available to us.
  2. At least one member of the Finance Committee will be engaged in planning the Annual Pledge Drive and any other large fundraising activity held to support the budget and special projects.
  3. Create a comprehensive 5-Year Financial Sustainability Plan that includes all potential sources of income along with needed and anticipated expenses.
  4. Increase opportunities for church members to include MUUC in their estate planning to benefit future generations.
  5. Explore how a separate Board-directed Reserve Fund could best be added to the church’s financial portfolio.
  6. Explore the potential for a Capital Campaign to launch in the near future.


GOAL #7 – PROPERTY: MUUC’s buildings and grounds will provide a welcoming, environmentally sustainable, and safe environment for spiritual development and connection.


    1. Determine the best model for overseeing the church’s property management and put it in place
    2. Annually review a list of regular maintenance projects, including who is responsible for each.
    3. Create a list of needed and desired projects ranked by level of urgency to be included in the 18-month chart planning period and share with the Finance Committee, Trustees, and the congregation. 
    4. Create an Estimated Lifetime Use list of all key pieces of equipment and appliances. Include all used by the tenant and share the list with the Finance Committee and Trustees so a Capital Project Plan can be created, communicated, and followed
    5. Determine what projects should be considered part of a potential Capital Campaign and share this with the Finance Committee, Trustees, and the congregation.