Ins and Outs of the email lists

We are very fortunate to have a lively and active community. There is an abundance of knowledge, experience and information that we LOVE to share with each other. We have two separate lists that serve two different purposes. In order to send or receive emails on these systems you need to be signed up for them. To sign up to be on the mailing lists, please contact the┬áChurch Administrator, by e-mail at [email protected] or call 781-665-7504.

Congregational Email: This is the “official” email for church business and announcements. Generally speaking, this is reserved for announcements of events, church meetings, weather cancellations, and the like. Posts are made by committee members, board members, event coordinators and of course, the minister.

Community Email: This is a great resource for anyone to ask and receive information. You can post requests for information about finding a new dentist, borrowing a dog kennel, letting people know about your great plumber.

We request that people do not “reply all,” to reduce unwanted emails.


Why does the Midweek Musings (or other email) not show up in my Inbox?

Assuming you are on the mailing list, of course, your email program may think that our weekly newsletter is spam. If you are using Gmail, look in the Promotions tab and you may find the newsletter there. If you do, then drag it into your Inbox, and eventually, if you do this often enough, Google may “learn” that the email is NOT spam or a promotion.

Promotions in Gmail

Drag out of Promotions