Our Lay Leadership

Our church, like all UU churches, is autonomous and is self-governed by democratic process. Our Board includes four officers – President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Clerk – and three Directors-at-Large. Elections for the two-year terms are held annually.

Members of the Board:

  • Chuck Foley, President
  • Dan Griscom, Vice President
  • John Pustell, Treasurer
  • Mary Hildebrand, Clerk
  • Nyla McCulloch, Director-at-Large
  • Patricia Ferris, Director-at-Large
  • Seth Ettenberg, Director-at-Large

Committees of the Board & Committee Council

Our church has a Committee Council, which meets monthly to foster cross-collaboration of ideas and programs for some of the Committees in our community. The Council consists of the chairs of of the following Committees:

Other Committees & Positions

There are several other important committees and several appointed positions that are not part of the council:

For more information on the various committees at MUUC, please click here.