Pledge Drive 2022: Every Piece, Every Pledge Serves Our Mission

Melrose UU Church (MUUC) holds an annual pledge drive every spring to determine the amount of funds congregation members and friends pledge to provide to support next fiscal year’s operating budget. A pledge is an opportunity to invest in your personal and UU values; to support what you value most about MUUC and to help its mission grow.

Like all Unitarian Universalist churches, MUUC is a self-governed and self-financed religious organization.

More information is available about the current year’s Annual Pledge Drive:

This means we at MUUC have a shared responsibility – and an opportunity! – to create our own community and to raise the necessary funds each year to support our many programs and activities, including the salaries and benefits for our talented minister and staff, and maintenance of our beloved church home.

The 2022 Pledge Drive will provide much of the funding needed to support the church’s day-to-day operations in fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023). When members and friends make a pledge, they are making a year-long financial commitment to support MUUC.