Our Minister

Rev. Anita is our Interim Minister starting in July 2016. Welcome, Rev. Anita! Here is an excerpt from her first column on our website:

Rev. AnitaI am Rev. Anita (the Rev. Dr. Anita Farber-Robertson, way too long a name!) and when we interviewed, your Transition Team and me, we perceived a match. We were each so excited to learn that the other had had the same perception; we were happily each other’s first choice. How delightful. I am so glad to be coming.

I arrive with lots of experience. Nineteen years of settled ministry and seventeen years of interim ministry. I have served two congregations as a settled minister, and ten congregations as an interim minister. Lots of experience. And yet, if my experience has taught me anything, it is that I do not know anything about you. I will need you to teach me. I will want to know what is easy for you, and what is difficult. What you love and what troubles you. What you value and want to keep, and what has outlived its usefulness, and needs to be relinquished. All this we will discover and discern together, even as we share congregational life, being church together, laughing singing, weeping, hoping.

These are exciting times, an end from which we start.

Enjoy your summer. See you in church,

Rev. Anita