Our Minister

logo_chalice_wpadminReverend Susanne Intriligator

A native of Detroit, Rev. Susanne holds a BA degree from the University of Michigan. She worked as a journalist and editor at Ms. Magazine in New York City for five years before receiving a scholarship to attend Harvard Divinity School, graduating with a Masters in Divinity and becoming ordained in 1999. After her ordination, Rev. Susanne and her new husband, James, moved to California where she worked as a Director of Religious Education in Santa Monica until James was offered a job in Wales, United Kingdom. Their growing family lived in Wales for 13 years, during which time Rev. Susanne studied the Welsh language, founded a Unitarian fellowship, received her PhD in Digital Media for Community Engagement, and worked remotely for the Unitarian Universalist Association in Boston.

Longing to return to the United States, in January 2016 Rev. Susanne was offered a position at the Follen UU Church in Lexington, MA, as Director of Community Engagement. After two years at Follen, Rev. Susanne was ready to enter a new stage in her ministry, and she was called to be the settled minister of MUUC in May 2018.

To get to know more about Rev. Susanne, please read through some of her sermons (click HERE) and the blog she writes every month (click HERE). Better yet, after reading, do stop in for a Worship Service and say “Hello!”.

As sung by our choir (paraphrased) on the joyful day in our church history when Rev. Susanne accepted the call to be our next Minister: 

Our hands are ready, our hearts are ready, our voices are ready, our spirits are ready – God, what do we do now?