MUUC Annual Meeting: May 18, 7pm

This year, the church annual meeting will be an online meeting, similar to our online worship.

Link to Attend the Annual Meeting

Please use this online link to go to the MUUC Annual Meeting. Please arrive by 6:45pm.

Please see How to Participate in MUUC 2021 Annual Meeting for how it works and what to expect. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not able to participate in an online meeting with VIDEO (that is, so that we can see you and you can see us), please contact Board president Dan Griscom at [email protected] for details about participating in the annual meeting.

General info about the Annual Meeting:

Our church bylaws specify that the authority for some important decisions of the church lies with the whole congregation, and that we hold a special meeting of the congregation at least once annually. Those decisions include:

  1. Approval of the church operating budget.
  2. Approval of Board and church program leadership positions.
  3. Use of the church endowment funds.
  4. Amendments to the bylaws.


The budget and the leadership slate are on the agenda of our special meeting every year. At this meeting, we also review and accept reports from all areas of church programs, operation, and staff.

Per the church bylaws, a voting member: 

“A Member is a Voting Member if they have made a recorded financial contribution within a period of twenty-four months preceding the Special Meeting and prior to that Special Meeting by at least 30 days. … [an] individual need not have been a Member of the Congregation at the time that the recorded financial contribution was made…”

The current list of eligible voters is now on the members’ section of the church website.