“I believe in supporting this place as it supports me”

As a family, we began attending MUUC 4 years ago because my husband, Nick, and I were looking for a church community. We wanted our two children to receive the guidance of UU teachings and experience the community as well.

There are many things that keep me coming back. Two minutes, yes, even two minutes of silence during the service helps ground and prepare me for the week ahead, the sharing of joys and concerns keeps me connected to our community and gets me outside of my own thoughts and experiences as I consider what is happening in the lives of others in this sanctuary, and the music, no matter the selections, never fails to delight and move me.

And then there are Reverend Susanne’s sermons…

Depending on the week, her words provide me with hope and inspiration, challenge me to think about something new or to reflect on something I think I already know about in a different way. The monthly themes we investigate as a community are meaningful and relevant. For example, January’s theme of “integrity” is an important idea to explore for both adults and children, especially as many of us struggle to make sense of the world in which we currently find ourselves living.

I also come to MUUC for the opportunity to give and receive from our Religious Education program. I teach the youngest children here, an experience that allows me to consistently observe and experience their curiosity, earnestness, and overall goodness. I come to church for RE committee meetings led by RE Director Katie Camire, where I serve along with Jeanie H., Henry W., and Stefano T. We discuss programming, church-wide RE trends and ways to support our RE families and teachers. I leave these meetings feeling grateful to have the chance to think and talk with this wise and thoughtful group. Finally, I come to MUUC for my children who benefit from the time, energy, and heart that their Soul Matters and OWL leaders put into each class.

As a teacher, RE committee member, and parent of children who benefit from our RE programming, I feel immense gratitude for what MUUC offers.to keep this community going, we all have to give of our time, talent, and treasure. That’s why Nick and I pledge and I serve both on the RE committee and as RE teachers. Because I believe in supporting this place as it supports me.

And I hope you do, too.