Shared Responsibility

Wendy M. – Testimonial -Shared Responsibility Nov 10, 2019

When Cathy S. asked me to talk about our Shared Responsibility at this church, I thought about it for a long while. Then I came across this month’s Spiritual Exercise – which you can find on the website under the Minister’s Reflections.

For our theme of Attention, Susanne suggests you read the poem “Gratitude” by Mary Oliver and then answer the questions she asks, for yourself. So in this Testimonial, Cathy will ask me Mary Oliver’s questions, and I will answer, based on my 20+ years of shared responsibility here at Melrose Unitarian Universalist Church.

  • What did you notice?
    • People stepping up to share responsibility 
  • What did you hear?
    • Endless discussion at times, because everyone’s voice truly does matter 
  • When did you admire?
    • I honestly do admire each and every person who has served as president of this congregation. It is a gift of to serve in this way. 
  • What astonished you?
    • Personal check-ins shared at the beginning of meetings 
  • What would you like to see again?
    • Jo & Don G., Jean & Phil P., Charlotte & Bob W., Alan G. They are gone from our presence, but not forgotten. They helped to put us where we are today. 
  • What was most tender?
    • A sixteen-year-old, Keith A., coming to check on me, when we all had been painting in the hot sun on a service trip in New Orleans 2010 
  • What was most wonderful?
    • Year after year, seeing a congregation of working people give an average of $2,000 per household to support the financial needs of this building and community, which total $876 everyday; and understanding that these needs increase each year, just as our own do. 
  • What did you think was happening?
    • Life is happening, caring for others, dedication to a community that is here now, and will be here when we are gone