Book Review: “Waking Up White”, by Debby Irving

The Race, Power, and Privilege Topic Team strongly encourages everyone to read the book, “Waking Up White” by local author Debby Irving. Debby is originally from Winchester, and as she grew up, she became more aware of the existence of endemic racism and the negative impacts of privilege. She gave a talk at the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church earlier this year.

The Topic team planned three dates for a book discussion of “Waking Up White“. All 3 discussions are open, you needn’t have attended the others to attend this one.

Called “One of the most important books on race in recent memory.” by the “Readers + Writers Journal”, if you do purchase “Waking Up White“, 50% of the profits will go to charities addressing issues of racial inequality.

More about Debby Irving can be found on her website:

More about the book, “Waking Up White“, can be found on the book’s website:

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(photo credit to Debby Irving, from website