Can You Give a Meal to Our M+4 Family?

We are pleased to report that our asylum-seeking family of five (M+4) are thriving, thanks in part to the support of our community. They are settled into an apartment here in Melrose, which has allowed the children continuity in their schooling, and M has full-time work as a home health aide working long hours, six days a week. Life is challenging, but they persist.

We asked what would be most helpful to them at this point in their journey, and now we are organizing volunteers to prepare or purchase and deliver Saturday night dinner for four to the family. You may sign up one time or commit to a schedule: i.e. a meal on the first Saturday every other month. They like most food with one exception: M does not like macaroni & cheese. The family is so appreciative of all the support that they receive from our community. If you are interested in helping, send an email to the Immigration Team to express your interest.