photo by johnkel

When the City of Melrose declares a snow/weather emergency, that means there is NO PARKING on any city roads. That also means that ALL in-house activities at the Melrose UU Church will be cancelled, since most of the parking for church activities is on city roads.

If you have questions, please stay in email contact with those leading church activities (as you are able) to determine the status of your activity. Church-wide emails may also be sent. You may also check the church website ( and Facebook page ( However, if folks who make those updates have lost electricity, those updates may be lagging.

Overriding all else, check the website for the City of Melrose ( for information regarding parking bans. On the HOME page, scroll down and select “City News” – if there are parking bans or weather emergencies, they will be posted on the HOME page under “City News”.

Stay safe out there!