Successful Canine Companions Program, Sunday, October 15, 2017!

As part of our year-long initiative on “Exploring Diversity: On the Path to Understanding“, we welcomed welcoming Canine Companions, a service dog organization, to be with us on Sunday, October 15. Megan Kennedy and her hearing service dog Ras, and Lanie Cantor, who is raising a service dog, spent the morning with us. The congregation got to learn while Megan and Ras engaged the children during our Children’s Time in the worship service.

Megan, Ras, and Lanie will went with the children to involve them in a learning experience as the Sunday School program. They returned upstairs during coffee hour and were available for questions and interaction in the Parlor during our coffee hour.















Megan shared this with us:

“We graduated in June 2012 from Canine Companions for Independence in Santa Rosa, CA. As a national organization, Canine Companions has multiple regional campuses and serves a huge population of people with disabilities. I am deaf and Ras is trained to alert me to sounds I can’t hear by nudging the side of my leg and then taking me to the sound (whether it’s to the front door for someone knocking/ringing the doorbell, or the kitchen when the microwave or timer is going off, or waking me up in the morning to my alarm clock). She is always very excited and proud to show off her skills in front of groups!”


Lanie is very familiar with UU churches, having raised her 3 daughters as part of the Belmont church.

We extended to them our warmest welcome, and Ras got lots of love and attention from the children!

(all photos were taken by MUUC member, Dave B.)