Worship Sunday, December 16, 10:30 am: Anticipation

Service Given by Rev. Dr. Susanne Intriligator

The holiday season calls forth so many feelings: nostalgia, joy, hope, excitement.
And also, for many of us, loneliness, loss, heartbreak, and worry.
How can we prepare for, and even welcome, the fullness and the mystery of the season?

In Early Medieval Europe, Christian leaders moved the newer holiday of Christmas to coincide with – and eventually supplant – the older pagan festival of Solstice / Yule, thereby co-opting many of the older traditions and practices. Both holidays, however, still share a theme of waiting in wonder. Both ask and try to resolve deep existential queries: Will the light return? Will we survive the season? Will a messiah come to save us? Can the world be re-made by Love? Join Rev. Susanne, Tara, and the choir to explore and celebrate Solstice and Advent, with all their complex and mysterious meanings. 

Worship: Sunday November 25, 10:30am

“Salvation UU Style”. For many Christians, salvation is achieved by accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and Heaven is their eternal garden of paradise. What do Unitarians and Universalists say about salvation and how has salvation evolved since the Puritans landed in Plymouth? We welcome our Guest Speaker Marianne DiBlasi to our pulpit today.

Worship: Sunday November 4, 10:30am

“Love Does Not Disappear: A Service for All Souls” How do we remember and honor our loved ones?
What do we hold on to? What — and how — do we let go? Feel free to bring a memento of a loved one who’s passed on, to place on our altar during the service.

Worship: Sunday October 28, 10:30am

“Looking Back To Move Forward” How can suburban UUs cooperate to support 
and empower our urban neighbors? The Senior Minister of the UU Urban Ministry, Rev. Mary Margaret Earl will reflect on the way we use our history, both individual and collective, to move us into the future and toward justice.

News from Board President Chuck Foley

Reminder: Please see the October Lightbearer for a general introduction to the MUUC Board and an invitation to all members to attend our meetings and to read our meeting minutes on the members’ section of the church website.The Board had our monthly meeting last Thursday Sept. 20. This month’s meeting featured a couple of good examples of the […]