Green Sanctuary

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What is Green Sanctuary?

The Unitarian Universalist Association’s Green Sanctuary Program provides a path for congregational study and reflection and a call to individual and collective actions in response to environmental challenges.

The Green Sanctuary Program goals are:

  • To build awareness of societal environmental issues among Unitarian Universalists.
  • To generate commitment for personal lifestyle changes.
  • To motivate Unitarian Universalists to community action on environmental issues.
  • To build a connection between spiritual practice and environmental consciousness.
  • To build awareness of and rectify environmental injustices.

What is happening at MUUC?

Our solar array was completed in 2015!! See the link on the left of our Home page to see our daily energy power creation.

MUUC received UU accreditation as a Green Sanctuary in 2010!!

As part of the accreditation process, we fostered a number of projects to make our community – at church, at home, and in the wider world – more sustainable. Working with other committees and groups within the church and our larger community, we are:

  • Working with our minister and RE committee to enhance the earth-honoring aspects of our RE curriculum and our worship services
  • Conducting an energy audit and presenting updates on our findings – as well as tips, tools, and techniques we can use at home – in congregational workshops
  • Promoting ethical eating through book discussions, workshops, and a hunger banquet
  • Sponsoring a film series on environmental and sustainability topics
  • Participating in service projects in water protection/clean-up
  • Looking for ways to reduce trash, expand recycling, and use green cleaning practices within the church – both at our events and in the activities held here by others

To contact the Green Sanctuary Committee, e-mail greensanctuary_list [at] melroseuu [dot] org.