What’s The Community Engagement Group Been Up To?

What is “Community Engagement”?

A focused effort on increasing the visibility of MUUC in the greater Melrose community, to ultimately result in: increased attendance, increased membership, and increased vibrancy of the community.

What has Community Engagement been up to? 

Summer 2018:

  • Postcard mailing to 12K Melrose Households
  • Enlargement of postcard for Brick Hall
  • Helped organize and staff MUUC’s booth at Victorian Fair
  • Helped organize a “permanent lawn sign” working group, along with Property Committee

Fall 2018:

  • Discussion of additional needed signage (i.e. front door sign, ramp access sign, lighting of signs, steeple)
  • Displayed colorful Seven Principles poster in Supper Room in time for Harvest and Alternative Fairs
  • Church-wide feedback activity on rainbow banner
  • Displayed rainbow banner in Parish Hall in time for Harvest and Alternative Fairs

Winter 2019:

  • “Branding effort” with purpose of developing consistent presentation of MUUC materials, fonts, colors, logo, website
  • Begin work on establishing a photo repository for the church

These are just some of the activities which Community Engagement, aka “CE Group”, has been working on!

MUUC CE Group (Laura M., Nyla M., Cory M., Stacey W., Brian J., Jean T., friend of the Group)