Covenant Groups

Covenant Group 5Covenant Groups deepen and expand the ministry of the congregation, help build community, and provide opportunities for deeper relationships, spiritual exploration, and search for meaning. Each group will meet monthly for personal sharing of our stories and our thoughts about this year’s topics.

We explore themes across worship, RE and covenant groups. This year, we’ll be using the Soul Matters Sharing Circle’s themes that are used across many UU congregations. You can find out more about Soul matters here:

Covenant groups are one way in which we can listen to each other and share our experiences in a small group intentional and supportive setting.

This year the themes are:

September: Expectation
October:  Belonging
November:  Attention
December: Awe
January: Integrity
February: Resilience
March: Wisdom
April: Liberation
May:  Thresholds
?June: Play

Thank you to the facilitators who have volunteered this year. Their dedication to this important program of small group ministry helps to provide a safe, caring and spiritual space for exploration.

Expression of Interest Form (click here: MUUC Covenant Group Blank Form) includes a section for those who are interested in becoming facilitators. If you have any questions, please see Muncie M. at church or send an email to the Church Office and it will be sent along to Muncie.