Green Sanctuary

earthinhandsMelrose UU Church became a certified Green Sanctuary in 2014!

The Green Sanctuary Committee typically meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month, Sept-June, 12-1pm, after worship, in the library (this can change, however, so check the church calendar here).

The Green Sanctuary Committee is eager to welcome new members who would like to help with a particular event and/or take a more active role in the committee – with that in mind, please let a current member know if this is not a good time for you to meet, and they will do their best to accommodate!

For more information about the UUA Green Sanctuary program, click on the symbol below:


View of earth from the moon

By: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Green Sanctuary Activities, past-and-present:

The Committee has sponsored (or co-sponsored) several film series over the years (click HERE for a list and links for some of the films), an Ell Pond Cleanup Day, a Hunger Banquet, and other events. We worked with the Religious Education children to ensure that there are recycling receptacles located throughout the church building, and on Social Justice Sundays, we hold Sustainable Cooking classes with the children. We hold an annual Green Sanctuary Worship Service (near Earth Day in April), and provide information to the congregation about local events and sustainable living for inside the home, workplace, and church.

Friends of The Fells – Trail Adopter Program


Through the Friends Of The Fells organization, MUUC has adopted a portion of the Crystal Springs Trail at the Middlesex Fells Reservation, abutting Melrose and surrounding communities. Trail Adopters are responsible for basic trail maintenance and keeping the trail free of litter and clear of fallen branches or brush. The Green Sanctuary Committee also schedules several accessible strolls each year. Please click HERE for more information about the Trail Adopter program and all Green Sanctuary nature walks.

Melrose UU Solar Array


Solar Panels:

In 2015, we put Solar Panels on our South-facing roof!! Take a look!! (username and password are noted on the left-side of the page, feel free to log in and check on current solar energy activity!)

Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Looking to reduce your plastic consumption this holiday season? The following companies utilize many types of recycled plastic to make everyday products:  Green Toys (toys for young children), Rothy’s (women’s shoes), Patagonia( jackets), West Paw (pet products), Recover Brand Clothing( backpacks and tee shirts), Swagger (socks), Fair Harbor (swimwear), Girlfriend Collective (athletic leisurewear), and Everlane (outerwear).

The “Nature Gap”: Racial Equity in Natural SpacesImage of an urban alley

Visiting natural places is something that many of us at MUUC both enjoy and hold in high value. We are fortunate to have access to nature because of nearby natural places and because we have the resources to travel to other natural places. There are, however, many people in our nation, in Massachusetts and in the metro-Boston region that do not have nearby natural places to visit and who certainly do not have resources to travel to more distant natural places. This reality has been described by some as the “Nature Gap.” Learn more about addressing the Nature Gap.