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Food is First: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE. See More Below.

Bread of Life: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE. See More Below.

Bread of Life


Per request of Bread of Life, partner organizations, such as MUUC, will not be preparing or serving meals at this time. MUUC has opted to donate the money that would have gone towards the meals. 

Click for details on how you can donate directly to Bread of Life. 

Bread of Life is a faith-based ministry, serving the communities north of Boston by feeding the hungry, homeless, needy and isolated; offering spiritual nurture, support, and hospitality; promoting greater peace and justice by addressing broader issues of hunger, poverty, and need; and conducting their work in a spirit of respect and nonviolence.

Prior to the pandemic Melrose UU Church had been preparing and serving meals 8 times a year for 75 – 100 guests. Because the church is not preparing or serving meals during the pandemic, Melrose UU Church has been donating $200 to Bread of Life  to cover the cost of each meal the church would have prepared.

In February 2021, a special meeting of the church was held to discuss options for the surplus in this year’s budget. The church voted to donate $33,900 to Bread of Life. On March 4, 2021 Rev. Susanne Intriligator and Dan Griscom, Board President, delivered the check to Gabriella Synder Stelmack, Bread of Life Executive Director. (photo credit: Melrose UU Church)

Food is First


First Baptist Church in Melrose, which runs the Pantry of Hope, the recipient of our Food is First proceeds,has suspended all church operations including the Pantry of Hope. First Baptist has been discussing possibly setting up the pick up of bags by clients by appointment only but nothing has been decided yet.

Servants Heart Pantry, at Faith Evangelical in Melrose, is also suspended.

Bread of Life is the only center in the immediate area still distributing food to those who need it, and has requested donations. Click for details on how you can donate directly to Bread of Life. 

We will be updated regarding any changes. 

Pantry of Hope is a food pantry organized and run by the local First Baptist Church in Melrose. To support the Pantry of Hope, on the first Sunday of every month during the church year, MUUC has a “Food Is First” effort. Bring shelf-stable food and non-food items (such as toothpaste, tin-foil, etc.) to the church before worship service, and leave the bags of items in “Brick Hall”, which is our main entrance hall.

Giving Beyond Our Walls

MUUC has been “Giving Beyond Our Walls” to support the work of many vital organizations for years, including many that deal with hunger issues. Check out the Giving Beyond Our Walls page on our website.