Social Justice Ministries

Since the beginning, the Melrose UU Church has a strong history of commitment to Social Justice.

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Immigration Ministry is now ISA

Immigration Ministry Team is now the Immigrant Support Alliance (ISA). After five years of supporting asylum seekers and refugees as a MUUC social justice ministry, the Immigration Ministry has dissolved – but the work of supporting immigrants has not!

The ISA is a nonprofit coalition of volunteers that partners with resettlement agencies to provide food, housing, financial and social support to our clients, helping them on their journey towards becoming independent, contributing members of our communities. For more information on ISA activities or to explore volunteering, contact, or the ISA website at

Anti-Racism Ministry

The Anti-Racism Team leads the church’s efforts in the City-Wide MLK Day of Service and has been working towards starting up a “Friends of Melrose METCO”, including people from the local community, not just MUUC’ers!

Click HERE to learn more about the Anti-Racism Ministry Team   (photo by Wonder woman0731)

Green Sanctuary

The Melrose UU Church became an official UU Green Sanctuary in 2014. In addition to an annual Green Sanctuary Worship Service (around Earth Day), the Green Sanctuary sponsors an annual spring film series, featuring informative and provactive independent films about climate issues.

Click HERE to learn more about the Green Sanctuary program.   (photo: “Earthrise” by astronaut William Anders 1968-12-24 Apollo 8 Mission)

Alternative Fair during Melrose Home For The Holidays (December)

MUUC hosts the annual Alternative Fair during “Melrose Home for the Holidays”. A trolley stop during the city-wide day of events, the Alternative Fair is a great place to shop for “gifts with a conscience” – supporting local & small businesses, non-profit organizations, and charities.

Click HERE to learn more about the most-recent Alternative Fair.

City-Wide MLK Day Of Service (January)

MUUC is the host location for the annual city-wide MLK Day of Service. A great way to honor the legacy of Dr. King.

Click HERE to learn more about the most-recent MLK Day of Service.

Welcoming Congregation (LBGTQIA+)

The Melrose UU Church became an official UU Welcoming Congregation in 2001. In addition to speakers and sermons and programs, we march in the annual Boston Pride Parade – join the celebration of LGBTQIA+ contributions to our church and our world!

Click HERE to learn more about the Welcoming Congregation program.

Bread of Life

Healthy Food IS Social Justice. For years, MUUC has been involved with the Bread of Life organization, based in neighboring Malden. Through Bread of Life, MUUC plans, purchases, cooks and serves a dinner for about 125 guests, every 5 to 6 weeks.

Click HERE to learn more about our involvement in Bread of Life & other other Hunger Ministries.


2010 MAAV WalkMelrose Alliance Against Violence: Since the beginning, MUUC has been a participant in the Melrose Alliance Against Violence (MAAV) Walk to End Domestic Violence, held in the fall. This walk, around Melrose’s Ell Pond, reminds us of all those lost to domestic violence during the year, in an effort to raise awareness and end this tragic loss.

Womens Marches January 2017, 2018, & 2019

Black Lives Matter Events

City-Wide Vigils Against Hate by ANSWERING THE CALL OF LOVE