cropped-FaithifyLogoWebFAITHIFY is a UU Crowdfunding Platform. Crowdfunding – using the internet to attract funding for commercial and nonprofit projects from countless individuals – and crowdsourcing – using the internet to engage an almost limitless number of people to share ideas and services – have become global phenomena. Several years ago UUA District staff and congregational visionaries brainstormed how to bring this concept to UU ministries and the result was FAITHIFY.

Crowdfunding brings together project innovators and the “crowd”. With FAITHIFY you can follow, share, or fund projects that spread Unitarian Universalist values. You can “follow” any project you like and convey your support with your vote of confidence. You can “share” your favorite projects using Twitter, Facebook, or Google and let friends know about the projects that you are most excited by. You can also “fund” any project on the site, donating funds directly to the project. This fall members of our congregation shared projects that were on the FAITHIFY site that were seeking funding – specifically OWL Sexuality Education for youth in the Philippines and UU Mass Action, both of which received the funding they need to move forward with their projects – evidence of the power of the UU “crowd”.

The variety of projects that have sought funding through FAITHIFY is vast – from helping a Kenyan UU church set up a water filter factory to pioneering multi-site ministries in New York State. To date 108 projects have been funded with $417,264 pledged – quite a testament to the generosity of our UU family. Check out the site and get inspired to follow and maybe even fund a worthwhile project:

In fellowship,

Nancy N.

Denominational Affairs