December 2018: Return to an Ordinary Moment of Deep Meaning

The great mystery is not that we should have been thrown down here at random between the profusion of matter and that of the stars; it is that from our very prison we should draw, from our own selves, images powerful enough to deny our nothingness. (Andre Malraux)

Our worship theme for December is Mystery, and it is rich with meanings and questions.

What does “mystery” mean to you? Do you think immediately of murder mysteries, or “unsolved” mysteries like the Loch Ness Monster? Or do you go deep right away – right to the mystery of our very existence, or the mystery behind everyday coincidence and serendipity?

December is a perfect time to remind ourselves that, like the darkness, mystery surrounds us: we are not quite as “in control” as we like to think. It’s a time to make a little room in our lives for the unknown, the unexpected, the magical.

Over there, under the tree, is a gift just for you, all wrapped and beautiful, prepared with love. What’s inside?

Joy. The magic and wonder of life. The gift of our selves.

Let December be a time of waiting and watching, making space for new meanings to unfold.

Your Soul Matters Spiritual Exercise for December: Return to an Ordinary Moment of Deep Meaning

We’ve all experienced it: the mystery of an ordinary moment that suddenly unfolds and offers deep meaning. The everyday becomes luminous. This exercise invites you to remember some of those luminous moments and revisit the gift they gave. To do this, simply make some time to watch and meditate on the following video: “Moments by Will Hoffman.”

As you watch, think of moments you’ve experienced when life suddenly and mysteriously lit up and reminded you of the marvel and preciousness of being alive. And think about how that lit you up – moved you from a feeling of “the same old, same old” to a feeling of dancing with the sacred. Go one from there to imagine images from your own life that you’d include if you were making your own video. Then keep watch during the following hours and days to see if this meditation changes the way you perceive or dance with your “ordinary” days.