Reflections From The Minister

Reflections dated September 2018 onward were written by our Settled Minister, Rev. Susanne Intriligator. Reflections dated prior to September 2018 were written by our Interim Minister, Rev. Dr. Anita Farber-Robertson.

  • September: Revisiting Our Vision

    September: Revisiting Our Vision

    —When your eyes are tired the world is tired also. When your vision has gone, no part of the world can find you. — from “Sweet Darkness,” a poem by David Whyte Our Vision Are your eyes tired? Sometimes I can feel that way, especially when the news is too much, too negative, too sad.…
  • Reflections: April 2018

    Reflections: April 2018

    —It may be hard to believe ... spring has been so reticent to appear. But appear it will, without our needing to believe it, or coax it, it will come ... all of a sudden, the turning, new life emerging and we, astonished once again, may feel the stirrings of our souls.
  • Reflections: March 2018

    Reflections: March 2018

    —The further ... we .. widen ... our church's circle of inclusion and concern, the more stable and resilient over time we become. We are reminded in Deuteronomy, we drink from wells we did not dig, eat from vineyards and olive groves we did not plant ... Those before us gave, that we might have.
  • Reflections: February 2018

    Reflections: February 2018

    —What would it take, my friends, for MUUC to truly put out a Welcome Table? Welcome to the differently abled? Differently aged? Differently racially identified? Differently incomed? Differently gendered or oriented? Differently privileged or disadvantaged?
  • Reflections: January 2018

    Reflections: January 2018

    —Technically Epiphany is celebrated January 6, but, my dear ones, we will be celebrating epiphanies all month long and into the next ... It is a journey of discovery for each of us to examine how it is that race, power and privilege shape and define our lives.
  • Reflections: December 2017

    Reflections: December 2017

    —While you may [struggle] to believe that one day’s worth of oil burned miraculously for eight ... or that Mary conceived immaculately, you can still believe that the telling of these stories has changed people’s lives, reminding us that the infinite power of the right ... can be hidden in the small and the weak.
  • Reflections: November 2017

    Reflections: November 2017

    —My friends, this church year is the year of paying attention. These times are rich in gratitude for all we have and all we share. It is not just about Thanksgiving Day. It is about the gratitudes large and small that season our lives every day.