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Ode to The Lighbearer, June 2019, upon the final publication of our newsletter (our news is now all available online)

Yesterday I read in “The Lightbearer” that it will soon cease publication. With modern internet technology, we probably don’t have the need of a monthly newsletter. What now?

Following is a brief background about our unique and colorful gem of a newsletter. When Bob and I first came to MUUC in 1980, the late Margaret Lorenz, a long-time member, was well into her lengthy tenure as editor of “The Lightbearer.” It was published every week. She did the job lovingly, joyfully, and with remarkable sensitivity. I often submitted columns to her; she edited them wisely. She created a masterpiece, always including a column by the minister (as we still do) but also offering pithy quotations from other UU church newsletters, poetry, and witty aphorisms. Upcoming church events were described in enticing detail. (At that time there were no computers. We did not have mid-week updates, which I now think are a wonderful help in our communication.)

Many of you remember the late Phil Pendleton, a member of MUUC for fifty years. He stepped up to the plate as editor of “The Lightbearer” after Margaret’s death. He had stories to tell and brought his special touch, a blend of deep dedication to our church and an understated humor.

While I was board president in the 1980’s, I edited “The Lightbearer,” still once a week. Most Sunday afternoons I was at my dining room table. I tried to keep in mind Phil’s advice: “Lighten up.”

At the beginning of this column, I asked: “What now?” Instead of our formal monthly “The Lightbearer,” perhaps we could create a literary journal. Members could contribute their own original writing (essays and poetry) or other people’s writings or even art work. Would the minister like to contribute? What do you think? Would you like to be the editor or editors?

n.b. Have any of you who have perused our church history come up with information about how the name “The Lightbearer” originated and when it was started. It was a long, long time ago.

In friendship, Phyllis B.

(note: starting September 2019, backup copies of The Lighbearer will no longer be on the website; they will, however, be held electronically on the church’s office computer, and we are researching/designing methods to allow readers to gather together the same information online, and read/print out their own version of the “new” online news)

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