Green Sanctuary Book Discussion: Braiding Sweetgrass

Please join the Green Sanctuary Committee online at 7 pm on November 18 to discuss excerpts from Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer’s engaging book about our reciprocal relationship with the natural world. This book “captures the true reverence between Native Americans and the earth, the relationship we all need to survive.” The book is very readable, but at almost 400 pages(!), we realize it’s long. Individual chapters can easily be read and appreciated on their own so we’ve chosen a few for the discussion

  • Skywoman Falling,
  • The Council of Pecans,
  • Allegiance to Gratitude, and
  • The Honorable Harvest.

The “study guide” Discussion And Question Guide Braiding Sweetgrass will give you a good sense of the full scope of the book. Hard copies of the book are in short supply, but you can download a digital version from iTunes or your favorite ebook source. You can also listen to Krista Tippett’s interview with the author here. We look forward to the discussion! Contact: Gale Maynard