Greetings from the MUUC Anti-Racism Team (ART)

Greetings from the MUUC Anti-Racisim Team (ART) social justice ministry team at MUUC.

We meet monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., currently via remote video conference.

Please visit our Anti-Racism Ministry Team page on the MUUC website for details on our works and activities. As with most church groups and teams, we never run short of ideas and things to do, and we always welcome input and participation!

A few highlights from our October 20, 2020 meeting:

  • Brief report on the very successful Friends of Melrose METCO Tour supported by the team.

  • Building a draft for a public-facing statement to explain how our support for Black Lives Matters aligns with our church’s and denomination’s mission and values.

  • Planning a book discussion group in MUUC.

  • Discussed our evolving cooperation and partnership with UU Urban Ministry.