Help Hungry Kids: School Vacation Food Boxes

Vacation Food Boxe 2015Imagine that instead of looking forward to school vacation, your children worried that they would be hungry all week. Families whose children receive free breakfast and lunch in school do not get that assistance during school vacations, and that stress is felt by both parents and children. To fill the void, the Melrose Unitarian Universalist Church (MUUC) is sponsoring a community effort to provide Vacation Food Boxes.

This year, we are doubling down on hunger! Our goal is to provide the vacation food boxes for both February and April vacations. Recipients of the Vacation Food Boxes will be children from about 25 families served by Bread of Life who are living in temporary housing in Melrose and Malden. Each box will contain enough nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack items for 2 children for 5 days, at a cost of $30.

MUUC collected funds last year which are sufficient to cover the costs for this year’s 2018 February’s School Vacation Food Boxes. So much generosity in the Melrose community! Thank You!

Want to get involved??

MUUC will purchase food at volume discounts (2:00 – 5:00 pm on Monday Feb 19), fill the boxes at our church (12:00 pm on Tuesday Feb 20), and distribute the boxes (4:00 pm on Tuesday Feb 20) in conjunction with Bread of Life staff.

For more information, contact our Social Justice Committee.