Holding On To Our Principles, From Rev. Anita

Dear Ones,


The sky is blue, the sunshine dazzles, the clean autumn breeze blows through my hair and fills my lungs with life. As I walk, the dry leaves cavort in circles around my feet and I know that it is time. It is time to remove the political buttons from my clothes, and gently place them in the box that houses other buttons from past campaigns. It is over. It is time to move on.


I search through the box. I know there is one button in there that I need right now. It is not a political button, but somehow I know that it is in that box, stowed there a year or more ago. I am sure of it.

Digging down the layers of nostalgia and fond memories of friends made and hopes expanded, I find it, there at the bottom, and lift it lovingly, letting it rest in the palm of my hand, as I would a pearl of great price.

Less judgment. More curiosity, it says.

Amen I say, and put it on.

I feel fortified. Oriented. I have received my charge.

Less judgment. More curiosity. And a powerful charge it is. Hard to actualize, as are most aspirations of merit, most values of deep significance. Hard, as our seven principles are, to live faithfully, day in and day out. A few that challenge me stand out:

Acceptance of one another….even those we don’t like or with whom we deeply disagree.

The free and responsible search for truth and meaning …which suggests that not a one of us has the whole truth.

The use of the democratic process…even when it does not go our way, which will possibly be more often than not.

Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part…which reminds us that we are tethered to one another, relatives all, and we row this boat of life together. There is no “away” to where we can run. We are here, together.

Just some of the challenges of living our faith, responding to our call.

So my friends, however you are feeling about the state of the world or of our country, I invite you to join me in remembering that there is work for us to do – the work of love and justice that calls us to engage the world for sure, but calls us also to look inside and do the work that is ours only to do.

May those principles truly hold us and guide us, in our words, in our deeds, and even in our thoughts and hearts.

Wishing you Less judgment. More curiosity,

With love, Rev. Anita