Immigration Ministry Team Update: Dec 2018

Dear MUUC Community,

Thank you for voting in support of an Immigration Ministry. Our small group has been very busy exploring opportunities to support refugees and has already taken action towards this goal. Now is the time for us to report what we have learned and share with you what we as a community can do to aid refugees in our area.

We have partnered with the Refugee Immigration Ministry (RIM) in Malden which offers many programs for our church members to participate in, both individually and collectively. They include: teaching English (ESL) classes, mentoring individuals to prep for job interviews, detention center visits, and Cluster participation.

We have joined the Metro North Cluster, a group of churches, civic organizations, and individuals associated with RIM who work together as a group to sponsor specific individuals and families seeking asylum and refugee status. This support is both financial and emotional. The financial support is made possible through the donations of Cluster member organizations/churches and Cluster-sponsored fund raisers.

As a member of the Metro North Cluster, we have jumped in to support a beautiful family seeking asylum from political violence and personal trauma from a country in Africa. This family arrived with a few hundred dollars and the clothes on their backs. After being at the airport for many hours, they managed to buy bus tickets to Boston, and eventually found refuge at a church. The family remained at the church, which had no living facilities, for about one month, before being taken in, temporarily, by a local family.

At this point, they have food, boots, warm clothing, sheets, towels, and more, all due to the generosity and love shown by our Cluster. They have also been assigned an immigration lawyer and will soon be registering for school. Finding and funding long-term housing is an urgent need.

We are asking our MUUC community for monetary donations to support this family. Our donations will go into the Metro North Cluster account at RIM and will be used specifically to shelter and support this loving family.

We also encourage you to participate in the RIM programs. We also invite you to join the Immigration Ministry Team.


Many thanks from the Immigration Ministry Team.

Paul B
Michelle D.
Nancy F.
Kathy K
Barbara L.
Carol N.