Immigration Ministry Team Update: Jan 2019

Immigration Ministry: Request for Household Goods

We are beginning to collect household items to furnish the apartment into which the family will eventually settle. At this time we are asking for kitchen and tableware that is in good condition, including pots and pans, plates, flatware, cooking utensils, etc. If you have something new or used to donate, please contact Nancy F. She will let you know if the items you have to give are needed or have already been donated. Nancy can be reached at: or 781-420-3282.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


We continue to search for long-term housing for the refugee family that we have pledged to support on behalf of our MUUC community. It has been quite a challenge due to the size of the family and the high cost of housing in our area. Please keep on the lookout for possible leads to aid us in this search.

Your Immigration Ministry Team, 

Paul B
Michelle D.
Nancy F.
Kathy K
Barbara L.
Carol N.