Immigration Ministry Update, November 2020

The Immigration Ministry Team is happy to report that Amy will continue to house Caroline, one of our clients, through January. Her housing situation after that is uncertain, but hopefully that will be resolved soon. Caroline has also recently gotten her driver’s permit and is taking driving lessons. She also just started a new part-time job in healthcare.

The asylum-seeking family we support, M+4 continues to be very busy. Miriam has a new job as a home health aide in addition to her job at the daycare center as an assistant teacher. The girls continue to go to Laura & Seth’s home during the day for virtual school but the children may need transportation in the future for various activities. However, on a sadder note, Miriam’s mother recently passed away in Uganda and the family is currently making memorial arrangements.

The IM team is also excited to announce that it looks like we will be taking on a new client soon, David from Honduras. David will be residing in a home on the Melrose/Malden border and has been living in the US since he was 14, where he has undergone many surgeries after suffering accidental acid burns in his home country. David aspires to study at Quincy Community College and eventually become a nurse practitioner.