January 2020: Rediscover Your Integrity

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” — Charles Bukowski

Our Soul Matters theme for January is Integrity, along with the Sacred Word “Soul.” How do the two concepts connect and intertwine?

In January we tend to think that “better” is somehow “more”: more health, more education, more money, more time on the pursuits we love. But perhaps Integrity calls us to let go of the pursuit of more and just get quiet and listen to who we are already are, to that voice that lives deep within, calling us to awaken.

Think of the hunt for integrity more like getting away from all the noise of the traffic so the song of the birds can be heard. Stop and listen.

Spiritual Exercise (from Soul Matters Small Group Ministry Resources)

Integrity and value-clarity go hand in hand. But do we really take the time to name and bring our core values into awareness? And do our self-proclaimed values match how others see us? This exercise invites you to wrestle with both of these questions. To keep it simple, we’ve created a list of values.

Here’s how to engage it:

1. Pick your five core values from the list.

2. Give a blank copy of the list to someone close to you and ask them to pick the five they think are your core values, without letting them know which you picked earlier.

3. Compare lists and discuss the differences, as well as why each of you picked what you did.

4. Share your insights with friends and family.