Jubilee Three – Deadline for Scholarships is June 1

Please Register for Jubilee Three!
October 20-22

MUUC and the Anti Racism Team are offering to pay a portion of our registration fees, for the first 20 participants.

Get $100 off the normal $170 cost, or $50 off the $85 cost for second or third members of your household!

But only if you register by June1.

Hopefully we all will attend this event IN PERSON, as the shared Sanctuary space will be more conducive to this profound learning. We can use Zoom at any time if needed. This will be a transformative event, leading MUUC to a greater understanding of what racism is, and why anti-racism is so important. Basically, the people in power are the only people who can dismantle oppression!

To learn more about the Anti-racism Team at MUUC click here.

Questions about Jubliee Three? Contact ART.