June 2019: Beauty Carries Us

The philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, “In difficult times, carry something beautiful in your heart.

Like the photos in a soldier’s pocket or a prisoner with a dried flower, we need to keep beauty close, especially in times that try our souls. Do you have a special object or image that grounds you? Maybe it’s a stone or a shell, a poem or a memory of a special place.

Beauty holds us, strengthens us, empowers us. Beauty shows us that the universe was meant for us, to notice and appreciate and enjoy. When all else fails, when things fall apart, we can call up beauty and remember.

As a spiritual exercise this month, spend some time thinking about a source of beauty that sustains you. And then pick one action that will help you carry it with you in a more consistent way.

In Worship this June:

June 2: Explore Beauty with Rev. Susanne

June 9: Multi-generational Flower Communion, our last service of the year in the Sanctuary. Bring a flower!

June 16: End-of-year picnic at Greenwood Park, Stoneham