May 2019: Curious About Curiosity?

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” (Marie Curie)

“We can lean into worry’s opposite – curiosity. As Rabbi Marcia Prager teaches, where worry says, ‘oh no, what is going to happen?’, curiosity says ‘oh wow! I wonder what will happen!’ “ (Rev. Kimberley Debus)

“Curiosity” is our worship theme for May, and, I must admit, it’s one of those “hiding in plain sight” concepts that I’d never taken the time to ponder. And yet, it’s everywhere, part of every human achievement and field of endeavor, and it’s absolutely elemental to our faith tradition.

Think about it. We ARE the curious religion – the one without answers, the one with only questions to share, the one populated by people whose curiosity drove them away from other doctrinal communities. Curiosity is our bedrock. Which is why it’s worth examining up close. But how do we do that?

Soul Matters has three different suggestions for spiritual exercises this month. One involves getting curious about yourself: ask a close friend some searching questions about you and listen to what they say. Another involves getting curious about the world: search “” and choose the one video you are most curious about. The third exercise challenges you to visit “” and get curious about the other side of popular debates about sexuality, police violence, gun control, immigration, and income inequality. All are worth doing.

Are you curious about this month’s worship services? Join us for a lively, wide-ranging month.

May 5: Coming of Age Sunday. A special service celebrating our youths’ transition to adulthood.

May 12: Membership Sunday. We’ll honor both our many new members and those marking 10, 25, and even 50 years of membership in our community.

May 19: Religious Education Sunday. Celebrate all those who lead and participate in our fantastic program for kids and youth.

May 26: Rev. Susanne leads worship, honoring Emerson’s birthday and Memorial Day.

June 2: Worship Leader Nita Penfold kicks off June’s theme of “Beauty.”

MUUC is vibrant, growing, and healthy. A great place to bring your religious curiosity!