Melrose UU Church: Closed for Summer

Moorland Summer (Explore)During the summer months, MUUC does not hold regularly-scheduled Sunday worship services. The last service of the church calendar year is Fathers Day. The first service of the next church calendar year is the Sunday after Labor Day (when we celebrate with our Homecoming Service, Water Ritual, and Potluck Luncheon).

Several UU churches in the area, however, do hold regularly-scheduled services. Some are lay-led, some have guest speakers, some have their ministers leading services throughout the summer – most are a combination. Here are a few of the UU churches that will have services all summer long:

Arlington Street Church, Boston (&): (service at 11:00 am)
First Church, Boston (#) : (service at 11:00 am)
South Church, Portsmouth, NH: (service at 10:00 am)
King’s Chapel, Boston (%): (service at 11:00 am)

All these churches are Welcoming Congregations.

See the following churches websites for more details:

(#) First Church also live-streams their services and broadcasts on radio.

(%) King’s Chapel also has Wednesday evening services, and offers Communion services.

(&) Arlington Street Church also has Summer Meditations on some Tuesdays at 6:45 pm.