MUUC Summer Challenge!

Remember the summer reading challenges of childhood? Maybe you earned a certificate from your public library or an ice cream from a parent. Maybe you’re leading your kid(s) through a similar challenge right now!
2020 has been a bumpy ride and it’s far from over …
Many of us are facing a summer spent indoors. A summer working from home. A summer without favorite rituals. A summer with reunions that have moved online. MUUC’s Committee on Ministry would like to challenge ALL of us to take on the “MUUC Summer Challenge!”
Let’s encourage one and all to connect with at least one member of our beloved community, every week, this summer. At minimum, that’s 10 phone calls over 9-ish weeks. Or maybe it’s 3 phone calls, 4 text messages, 1 Zoom chat, and 2 birthday cards?
ANY combination that works for you. Why stop at one per week? Challenge yourself to connect with some new-to-you people that you don’t know well or at all.

It’s up to UU!
It’s up to US.

Print out the 2020 Summer Challenge HERE OR send a message to Michelle A. (see your church directory) if you’d like a hard copy mailed to you.