MUUC’s “Next-Steps” Process

What’s Happening with our Next Steps Journey?

March 2023

With Rev. Susanne’s return in early February from medical leave, a new phase of MUUC’s Next Steps journey was officially launched: Learning Teams. During two services and two after-service discussion groups with more than 35 participants, she helped put this new stage of our Next Steps journey in perspective.

Using a clip from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade and other examples, Rev. Susanne illustrated what we need to do: have the courage to let go of what we know in order to step forward into an unknown future. She went on to explain the term “liminality”: a space between the past – what is familiar, and the future – the unknown. Liminal space is a space you move through, an “I don’t know” space.” That’s where we are now in our Next Steps journey.

She also shared a glimpse at the changing demographics of the various generations living in today’s world that we need to better understand. In the future, if they do not want what we offer, what do we need to do to provide a spiritual home for them? You can listen to Rev. Susanne’s sermon from February 2, “The Adventure of Uncertainty” here starting at 35:30 and the one from February 12, “A Growth Mindset” here starting at 41:55.

These and many other related questions are what our four Learning Teams of three to six members each, are now diving into.

  • One team, led by Rev. Susanne, is gathering research about Our Wider Community.
  • A second team, led by Rebecca M., is looking at the Spiritual Needs of Families, Children and Youth.
  • A third team, led by Garin B. and Cathy S., is focused on the Spiritual Needs of Adults & Elders.
  • The fourth team, led by Jennie W., is examining our governance structure and function.

Over the next few months, these teams will research and discuss where MUUC is now and look for ideas of what the church might consider doing in the future to continue to thrive. Their objective is to lean into what we do not know; to research ideas; to get guidance from other people, churches, and organizations. What are they doing that is working? Who are our neighbors and what do they need?

In early June, the Learning Teams will present their findings to the congregation for further consideration as we continue on our Next Steps journey

Next Steps Task Group

Jennie W., Liz F., Garin B., Cathy S., Rebecca M., Rev. Susanne

*the final report is accessible in the Members-only section of the website under “Next Steps Process”. If you have any questions about how to access the members only section of the website please contact

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