New Way to Donate!

Check out the new Donate Now button on our MUUC website and see all the great new features in action.
We’ve changed our electronic donation provider to serve you better (and, to make it easier on our hard-working collector!) PaymentSpring offers more features/options to donors at a lower cost for the church.
The new payment screen:
  clearly asks for the donation amount
  offers you the chance to automatically gross up your donation to offset our fees
  lets you apply it to plate or pledge or both
  makes it easy to select paying by credit card or direct debit to your bank account (which costs the church less), and
  allows you to make a one-time or recurring donation. (A recurring donation is a great way to have future pledge or plate donations made automatically!)
PLUS – After you donate using this portal, you will receive an email receipt suitable for taxes confirming your donation.
Give it a try now and have fun sending us some money, just for fun!