News from Board President Chuck Foley

Reminder: Please see the October Lightbearer for a general introduction to the MUUC Board and an invitation to all members to attend our meetings and to read our meeting minutes on the members’ section of the church website.

The Board had our monthly meeting last Thursday Sept. 20. This month’s meeting featured a couple of good examples of the responsibility that is entrusted to the Board by the congregation, where we considered expressing the beliefs and values of the church overall. Sometimes we must decide without a full process for the congregation to deliberate and express the church’s position officially.

In one case, the Board considered expressing support for Massachusetts ballot question 3 (it affirms protection of the rights of transgender people). As mentioned by Rev. Susanne on Sunday, the Board recognized this as consistent with our status as a Welcoming Congregation – which was determined by a thorough congregation-wide process some years ago.

Another case was the suggestion to exhibit elements of our beliefs and values within our interior spaces, for example these available from the UUA. In this case, it is the Board’s judgment that such materials are consistent with our Seven Principles. For this we considered also, an excellent suggestion to engage in a process whereby everyone may indicate their feelings by placing a colored sticker on displayed materials. [ Our church leadership engaged in an exercise like this at our retreat last month in which we explored personal theology. ] This will be described further, as the materials are introduced.

Beyond stickers, I invite anyone in our congregation to discuss matters such as this with church leadership, starting with me! It is the Board’s job to make judgements on matters where our values and beliefs seem clear to us. It is also our responsibility to discern when to seek wider input, and also to protect the rights of the minority. We certainly want to foster a culture where no one feels inhibited to express their own beliefs or to question and discuss matters about which we care. And, we thank all for the trust bestowed in us as your governing Board.

– Chuck Foley, MUUC president