MUUC’s Next Step Journey: Learning Teams

The Board is pleased to share the Next Steps Process Final Report* submitted by Stewardship for Us consultant Liz Coit on December 1, 2022. The report, based on her research and analysis from three months of working with us last fall, is extremely comprehensive with a lot of information to think about and discuss.

To make it easier, we have also included a Final Summary Report of the report’s highlights and two articles Getting on the Same Page Now and Learning Agendas – The Five Most Important Things to Know that explain some new terminology used in the report:

liminality: a time between something that has ended and an unknown future;

learning agenda: a set of questions, assembled by an organization or team, that identifies what needs to be learned before a project can be planned and implemented.

Where do we start? The Board has decided our next steps should be:

  • Spend January digesting the report
  • Set-up Learning Teams to do research in four areas between February and April:
    • Our Governance Function and Structure, led by Jennie Wengrovius
    • Spiritual Support for Families, Children, and Youth, led by Rebecca Mooney
    • Spiritual Support for Adults and Elders, led by Cathy Sang
    • Our Wider Community, led by Rev. Susanne

What are we doing now – is it working? What can we learn from other congregations and organizations having to adjust to these changing times? What do our various stakeholders need? What is our role in our community?

  • In February, Rev. Susanne will preach on Next Steps issues and questions
  • In mid-May, the Learning Teams will report their findings to the congregation at the Annual Meeting

Your participation is welcome! To serve on a team, please contact the team lead. And stay tuned for future plans for discussing the report TBD.

Next Steps Task Group

Jennie W., Liz F., Cathy S., Rebecca M., Rev. Susanne

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