MUUC’s “Next-Steps” Process

April 2023

The four Learning Teams formed in January are all working hard and starting to produce the
information hoped for: ideas and recommendations gathered locally and from across the country for
MUUC to consider as we move forward in this changing world.

  • The Wider Community Team led first by Rev. Susanne and now by Gretchen L. with support
    from Steve D., is supplying the other teams with incredibly useful demographic and trending
    data about our current congregation, Melrose and the surrounding area, the New England
    Region as well as the nation and the world. What does the local population look like now and
    how is it expected to change in the coming decade? How are partnerships and alliances as
    well as communications viewed?

Two other teams are focused on the make-up of the congregation:

    • Spiritual Needs of Families with Children & Youth living at home is being led by Rebecca
      M. with support from Jane F., Corey M., Sarah S., Henry W., and Beth Y.
    • Spiritual Needs of Adults & Elders (21+ with no high school or younger children living at
      home) is being led by Cathy S. and Garin B. with support from Joan C., Mary D., Carol N., and
      Lisa W-R.

Both teams have completed analysis of MUUC’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats. They are now researching and interviewing a variety of resources (individuals, churches,
other organizations) locally and from across the country to create a list of ideas for MUUC to
consider. Does meeting for worship only on Sunday morning work well for all the generations and
family units that make up our congregation? What does a vibrant religious education program need to
focus on and be structured to meet so many different needs and communications preferences?

  • The Governance Team led by Jennie W. with support from Cleo D., Maryellen F., Chuck F.,
    Michael O., and Rev. Susanne is exploring other governing models we might use. Are
    volunteer-led committees the best structure to accomplish all we want to do? Are there other
    models we should consider regarding staffing, about partnering with other churches?

A report of the accumulated ideas and recommendations from all four teams will be shared with the
congregation on Sunday, June 11 th at noon in the Sanctuary (hybrid) and on Wednesday, June 14 th at 7:30pm via Zoom. We hope you will plan to attend.

Next Steps Task Group
Jennie W., Liz F., Garin B., Gretchen L, Rebecca M., Rev. Susanne, Cathy S.

*the final report is accessible in the Members-only section of the website under “Next Steps Process”. If you have any questions about how to access the members only section of the website please contact

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