Transition Team Update

WeathervaneSetting Our Course

The House Meetings are now complete and we want to thank everyone who participated! 18 meetings in all were held, with our high school youth and majority of members attending.

We loved hearing the positive feedback about some outcomes of the meetings, such a strengthening connections and a renewed commitment to and optimism about the future of our church. Special thanks to those who facilitated and hosted the meetings – your dedication, skills and hospitality is truly what made the meetings a success.

We are now in the process of compiling, reviewing and interpreting the thoughts and ideas you shared in the meetings. As a way to get started, we created a Wordle based on the lists of themes and priorities (can you guess the dominant word? Hint: it begins with a “c” and ends with a “y” and is not “cowboy” or “colonoscopy”!)

After organizing the information, we’ll meet again with our 16 facilitators to determine MUUC’s top priorities and develop action steps. We look forward to sharing the outcome with the Board and with the congregation. Stay tuned – we are on our way!

The MUUC Transition Team,

Mike A., David B., Mary Beth G., Rebecca M., and Dominic T.

(We have chosen our beautiful lyre and plume design weathervane as a symbol for the transition and search process. In 1935 a longtime Melrose Unitarian Congregation member, Union B. Twitchell, donated “an old-fashioned weathervane”, which for many years stood on a community church in Bethel, Maine built by Mr. Twitchell’s grandfather. The occasion of this legacy was the construction of our present sanctuary, including the steeple and parish hall, constructed on the foundation of the previous meetinghouse, and completed in 1936.)

Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship. (Omar N. Bradley)