October 21: Circle Supper Potluck and Ability Topic Discussion

The Ability Topic Team and the Fellowship Committee would like to invite all members and friends of the church to attend a special Circle Supper on Saturday October 21st for dinner and discussion around the Diversity Topic of “Ability”. The discussion will follow a group viewing of a TED talk on this topic.

For anyone not familiar with the format of a “Circle Supper”, these are potluck dinners for 7-10 adults held in the homes of members and friends. You can pick whether you’d like to be a host (people come to your house and bring food, you just do the dishes) or a guest (you will bring some part of the meal to a host home).

Sign up by e-mailing Amy W. at mempro [at] comcast [dot] net or by filling out a sign-up sheet at Coffee Hour. You will be contacted a few days before the supper with additional details about where and when.

This program is part of our year-long initiative entitled “Exploring Diversity: On the Path to Understanding”. To learn more, see our Exploring Diversity web page.